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Most of us are aware that we need to protect any debts we have in the event of our death or if something like a serious illness were to happen. However we forget that our most valuable asset tends to be our income.
So then we ask ourselves… What if I died yesterday? How would my family keep their standard of living up? How could they pay for things like food, electricity, gas and now… even water!

What are the main reasons people take out Life Insurance?

  1. Protecting their monthly income / salary.
  2. Protecting their families standard of living.
  3. Protecting their family from debts that may be there if they passed away such as a personal loan or mortgage.
  4. Protecting their family in the event they suffer from a serious illness.
  5. Protecting their children if they passed away early to make sure their kids will have a fund for college and education.

How much Life Insurance is enough? This video should give you a great guide.

If you ask me, you can never have enough! But then again I am biased..

  1. The main area we focus on here is the replacement of your income. How much monthly income would your family need to keep up their standard of living if you passed away?
    a. For example if they need €2,500 per month that is €30,000 per year. What if they were to live for 10 years after you passed away? That would mean coverage of €300,000.
    b. Another major factor here would be the age of your youngest child. So for example if your son or daughter was 3 years of age we want to make sure that the protection for your family is until your youngest is grown up and financially dependent. This may not happen until they are aged 23. So that would mean taking out cover of €2,500 per month for 20 years. That is cover of €600,000
  2. Now that your income is protected you also need to factor in things like
    a. Any debts that exist
    b. The cost of your final expenses
    c. The cost of your children’s college education

This is a very useful guide we’ve got our hands on to help you when planning your life cover needs. – Simple Guide To Life Cover






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