For a lot of people, we’ve found that it can be very difficult to read up on subjects such as Life Assurance, Mortgage Protection, Pension Planning and the likes.. So we’ve decided to make things a little easier for you. The following videos are good guides on those subjects and include some TOP TIPS on financial advice. We will gradually add more topics as we go along. Feel free to recommend a topic and we will get moving on a short video to help you out.

Life Cover / Life Assurance / Life Insurance: Family Protection

Here’s a good explanation of why you should think about getting some life cover.  When looking for financial advice, people forget that Life Assurance plays a very important role in being financially fit. Check out our TOP TIP at the end. I hope this helps you make the right decision.


Mortgage Protection Life Cover / Protecting your mortgage with Life Assurance

Getting Mortgage Protection Life Assurance is vital for your home loan. It is so important that you have the term and amount covered. Again, when seeking financial advice, this is a great area to see if you can reduce your current costs or improve your cover. To find out more, watch this video and check out another TOP TIP here.


Income Protection / Protecting your monthly Income

What would happen to you if you were unable to work due to a serious accident or illness?? What level of monthly income would your family have? If this is a concern to you, you should seriously consider a quote for income protection. To find out more, watch this video and check out another TOP TIP here.

Life Cover