Welcome to Jonathan McDonnell QFA, providing you with insurance quotes online, one on one personal meetings and even our new Skype service should you be unable to meet.

We are dedicated to providing you with quality, qualified and professional advice in the main areas of your finances.

Life Assurance

We can arrange Life Assurance for your family or for a Mortgage. Do you need a review of your existing cover? We will make sure you have the best quote in the market! Our aim is to make sure that you are fully protected in the event of your death and depending on your needs we can protect you and your family in the event of you suffering from a serious illness.

We can provide you with life insurance quotes online, via email or we can meet directly to discuss your needs. visit Insurance Quotes online for a quote.



Income Protection

What if you were unable to work due to a disability? We are able to ensure that if this happened to you, our income protection insurance will pay you a regular monthly income to take care of your family. This type of cover is crucial for any self employed individual. When you are self employed you are not eligible to receive state protection from disability. If you think this is suitable to you, simply get a no obligation quote today. Visit insurance quotes online for a quote or click the button here




Providing for your retirement is so important to everybody. However with so many options available it is almost impossible to know where to start! Jonathan McDonnell QFA can provide you with a one on one service ensuring you fully understand what options are available to you. We cover off how you can start the pension? Where you invest your contributions? and what will happen at retirement. Request information today.


Savings and Investments

Whether you wish to save a monthly amount or you have a lump sum that you wish to make work for you over the short to medium term, we have the ability to start a plan to suit you. People regularly save for their children’s college education, for a planned holiday or to build a nest egg they can rely on. Likewise if you have a lump sum you may want to invest it with an ability to grow its value. Whatever your needs here Jonathan McDonnell QFA can again provide you with a range of options and ensure your needs are met. Request information today.